Overboards Restaurant Menu

We offer a full array of beer, wine & your favorite cocktails.

Overboards Restaurant, Greentown, PA Lake Wallenpaupack


  • The Chillin' and Smokin' Seafood PlatterChef's seasonal variety of smoked, poached and raw shell fish with seaweed salad and sauces$12.00
  • Mozzarella TrianglesPanko breaded mozzarella triangles with zesty marinara sauce and herb parmesan dressing$7.00
  • Risotto Crab CakesSeared crab and Arborio rice cakes, smoked tomato and garlic puree, baby greens, and balsamic gelee$9.00
  • Stacked Chicken WontonSesame ginger chicken layered with crisp wonton skins, Asian style slaw, and a fruited wasabi vinaigrette$8.00
  • Captain's SteamersTender Atlantic clams simmered in our famous Nantucket broth with drawn butter and lemon$8.00
  • Coconut PrawnsSucculent coconut and panko crusted shrimp with a jerk infused pineapple rum dripping sauce$7.00

Overboards Restaurant, Greentown, PA Lake Wallenpaupack

Little Skippers

Ages 10 & under. All meals $6.95 Includes beverage and a choice of 2: -Small Salad -Apple Slices -French Fries -Mandarin Orange Slices

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 
  • Chicken Fingers 
  • Spaghetti & Meatball 
  • Hot Dog 

Overboards Restaurant, Greentown, PA Lake Wallenpaupack
Overboards Restaurant, Greentown, PA Lake Wallenpaupack

Sea-Farer Entrees

  • Walk the Plank SalmonCedar planked jail island salmon with an apple horseradish vinaigrette$19.00
  • Driver Sea ScallopsChef's prepared sea scallops in an eclectic fashion style$19.00
  • Shrimp OverboardsOur classic crab stuffing blankets Texas Bay shrimp drizzled with a wine and butter reduction$17.00
  • Mediterranean Shrimp and CrabSauteed tender shrimp and sweet crab with tomatoes, baby spinach, kalamata olives, capers, and browned garlic in a lite olive oil sauce served over linguine$19.00
  • Broiled Lobster TailAromatically seasoned and butter basted 8oz lobster tail$23.00
  • Seafood Steam PotClams, shrimp, mussels, and the catch of the day seafood steamed in our chef's broth with herbs and spices over pasta$25.00
  • The FlobGrilled petite filet mignon and broiled lobster with marinated exotic mushrooms, pastry pillow and garlic blue cheese butter$26.00

Overboards Restaurant, Greentown, PA Lake Wallenpaupack

Land Lubber Entrees

  • Coffee Pepper Cracked Tenderloin8oz fillet mignon crusted and grilled, teamed with pickled horseradish and wine poached mushrooms$22.00
  • Delmonico LillyCharbroiled rib steak with roasted garlic cloves, fried leeks, almonds and balsamic gelee$21.00
  • Chicken with Fruit and NutsGrilled chicken breast with baby greens, feta cheese, tree nuts, seasonal fruit and a honey dijon glaze$17.00
  • Panko Breaded Chicken ParmigianaHand breaded chicken, zesty marinara and broiled mozzarella over linguine$16.00
  • Linguine and Colossal MeatballsOur homemade "million dollar meatballs" over pasta with marinara sauce and a dollop of ricotta cheese$12.00
  • Grilled Prime Pork Rib ChopGrilled prime pork rib chop with roasted peppers, tomatoes, smoked gouda, leeks and a sherry au jus$19.00
  • Chef's RequestsGluten Free, vegetarian or allergies. Let us create for you!! 

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